Our mission is to advance international education and understanding. These are not just pleasing words: we have been actively engaged with this process at St. Clare's for over fifty years.

We make every effort to make real the claims and benefits of international education through our curriculum, our campus environment and our organised activities. Inside and outside the classroom, we encourage a sense of responsibility for others and an understanding of how people have different perspectives on issues and the world.

St. Clare's will educate you in the broadest sense of the word. We aim to open your minds, and to nurture the skills relevant to living as conscious and committed citizens of the world.

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Liberal Arts Programme

One or two semester study abroad programme for US undergraduate students - more ...

Oxford Education Studies Programme

A programme for undergraduate education or licensure students - more ...

English plus Academic Studies

An academic programme for students with advanced English to take as a gap course - more ...

Academic Summer Programme

A four week course in Oxford in May for US undergraduates - more ...